Vision of 2Sync

Let's transform living spaces into virtual worlds.

Join us in making VR a new experience in living rooms, entire apartments and houses - completely automatically. Use real physical environments to generate unique virtual worlds. Let your users walk freely, interact with real objects, and play together like never before. Take the first step into the world of House Scale VR experiences with the 2Sync Software Developer Kit!

2Sync Features


Aligned Worlds

2Sync adapts the virtual world to the user's individual environment, enabling real walking, passive haptics and personalized VR experiences. The mapping between the real and the virtual world opens up unimagined opportunities for new VR experiences.

Passive Haptics

Virtual elements are mapped to real objects, allowing the user to physically interact with the virtual world. Material properties and logical relationships between objects are taken into account by 2Sync to provide the best possible experience for the user.


Real Walking

Users can move naturally through the procedurally generated virtual worlds of 2Sync. Because everything is aligned properly, users can walk and interact as they would in the real world. Even with their friends. A brand new time for House Scale VR experiences is coming!

Welcome to 2Sync
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About 2Sync SDK

The Next Level of
Virtual Reality.

With 2Sync, we want to take the VR world to the next level and enable unique VR experiences. With our Software Development Kit for Unity, developers can describe their own room-independent experiences, to provide House Scale VR experiences and enhance the immersion for their users immensely.

2Sync was initially developed as part of a research project at the renowned Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany and is currently in alpha stage. A part of the technical possibilities of 2Sync is presented in our first tech demo House Defender. We are currently looking for partners to make the 2Sync SDK available to a broader user group and to jointly develop unique VR experiences.

What the 2Sync SDK has to offer for your ideas:

  • allows the room-independent description of your experience
  • rule-based mapping between virtual and real objects considering complex relationships, transformation dependencies and material properties
  • gives the possibility to create your own procedural generatable content given a set of build constructions
  • simulate your virtual designs on various real-world rooms
  • registration and calibration of multiple users in the environment
  • easy way to scan the user’s environment
  • real-time generation of the procedural generated virtual worlds

How 2Sync works

Using attributes in the 2Sync SDK, developers can describe the objects for the generation in the physical world


Develop your VR experience using the 2Sync Software Development Kit in a room-independent way. Design your virtual objects, assign desired properties and relationships and implement your game logic as usual. Afterwards, the generation of the virtual experience is fully done by 2Sync.

Users can simply scan their room, house or entire home and experience it virtually. House or home scale VR can become reality.

Scan & Synchronise

Let the user scan their environment. Therefore 2Sync is providing a guided scanning approach that works straight ahead with the XR Controllers. Other scanning technics can be integrated easily. The scan usually takes only a few minutes and even larger rooms, apartments and houses are quickly scanned objects.

Automatic generation of unlimited virtual worlds in the user's physical environment


2Sync automatically generates and places all elements for the user and provides the most realistic experience of the designed game logic. This provides your customers with a unique room independent experience to increase value. Take your VR experiences from the couch to entire rooms, houses and homes.


Your Insights

In order to align our further development with the needs of our users, we welcome your insights through our questionnaire!

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Whether you are a VR enthusiast, developer, company or investor; we want to introduce you to 2Sync and get into conversation with you. If you are interested in using our current alpha, just contact us via the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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